Hi, welcome to the MMBA!

The Mississauga Mountain Biking Association is an organization composed of enthusiastic mountain bikers looking to increase awareness of the sport and establish a reputable mountain biking association locally within Mississauga. From a broader perspective, we want to be able to enhance and utilize outdoor spaces in Mississauga for the benefit of all types of users.

What we hope to achieve.

Our mandates are as follows:

  1. To help promote positive mountain biking opportunities, culture and information to the public on the sport of mountain biking.
  2. To encourage, educate, and practice sustainable and low-impact trail development and maintenance.
  3. To endorse safe and responsible mountain biking.
  4. To protect the natural environment as well as the local flora and fauna.
  5. To advocate for the mountain biking community through a unified and structured mountain biking club.


Our acting board of directors will strive to represent the voices of the local mountain biking community and advocate for positive change in Mississauga. We will endeavour to promote inclusivity on local trails and encourage users of all skill levels and ages to participate in the sport we love. For more information, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!